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    Neobux Earning Money Paid-to-click Service (Mini Jobs,Click Ads,Games & Surveys) (PTC)

    NeoBux is a totally free service that is available in both English and Portuguese. This service is to allow advertisers to get thousands of potential customers showing their ads in NeoBux & allows users to get money to see this ad.

    NeoBux users click on advertisements from advertisers, and we view them for the time period specified by the advertiser.

    Users receive a predetermined amount of diniero NeoBux account after viewing the advertisements.

    No need to pay to start earning.

    Once they have identified and have entered it into the account we are able to make money from it. Can you win more, or can I just win that? Of course, with referrals, you may make more money.

    How much will I get paid for each advertisement they see? & will I get paid for each ad in which my referrals show up?

    Depends on the type of account you own & the type of ad you have seen in your referral.

    Gold members receive $ 0.01 for each normal click of the referrals & $ 0.02 for each click the referrals extended.

    Standard & pioneer members get $ 0,005 for each normal click of your referrals & $ 0.01 for each click Extended.

    How many ads I can get to see?

    It is based on the type of account you have. Standard & pioneer members have at least 4 ads per day currently. Instead, the golden have a minimum of 9 adverts every day.

    Throughout the day you can still see some ads that are putting other advertisers but do not last as long as the above assets. So depending on the number of ads that put the advertisers set the number of ads we can come to the clicker.

    How long must I wait to get paid?

    To request payment, all you have to do is get to the maximum, which is now $ 2. This limit is up, this means that the second payment shall not exceed $ 3 and the third payment will be $ 4 ... up to $ 10 which is where it remains.

    Once the limit has been gain only have to request payment & it will arrive instantly to your ***** account or AlertPay.

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