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    How to Make Full Screen Start Menu in Windows 10

     If you need a large Start Menu, we will show you how to make the Start Menu in Windows 10 go full screen when on the desktop. If you do not want to boot straight to the Start Screen, but would like to boot to the Windows 10 desktop, with a full-screen Start Menu, then this post is for you.

    A full-screen Start Menu is available in Windows 10. This can be most useful on touch devices. To create a full-screen Start Menu when on the desktop, type Settings in for search & click on Settings.

    To make Start full screen & see all in one view.

    01. Select Settings 

    02. Click the Personalization

    03. Click Start.

    04. Turn on Use Starts full screen.

    When you open Start again, the Start screen will take up the full desktop. Choose All program for a full-screen view of all your programs & applications, or Pinned tiles for a more dynamic view.

    If you just need to resize the Start menu to change it larger or taller, select the top or side border & drag it.

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