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    How to Pin Sites to Taskbar Using Wizard on Microsoft Edge Chromium

    In addition to the ability to install virtually any website as a web app, the new version of Microsoft Edge based on the Chromium engine also includes an option that allows you to pin suggested websites using a guided wizard.

    In this guide, you’ll learn the easy steps to pin sites as web apps in the taskbar using Microsoft Edge on Windows 10.

    Quick tip: This is an experimental feature available with the version of Edge in the insider channels (Canady, Dev, Beta).

    To use the wizard to pin web apps to the taskbar, use these steps:

    01. Open Microsoft Edge.

    02. Click the Settings and more (three-dotted) button and select the More tools menu.

    03. Select the Launch pin to the taskbar wizard option.

    04. Check the websites you want to pin to the taskbar. (These sites will pin as Progressive Web Apps.)

    05. Click the Continue button.

    06. (Optional) Check the Microsoft web apps you want to see in the taskbar.

    07. Click the Continue button.

    08. Click the Close button.

    Once you complete the steps, the sites you selected will appear in the taskbar for quicker access.

    More Microsoft Edge Tips: http://bit.ly/38pWU01

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