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    How to Change Profile Name on Chromium Version of Microsoft Edge

    You can change your Edge profile name to anything you want, On the Chromium version of Microsoft Edge, you can use multiple profiles. A profile allows you to share the web browser with other users without them interfering with your information. Every profile you add keeps all the data separate, such as history, favorites, passwords, extensions, and other settings.

    Also, support for profiles is a handy feature when you want to use different Microsoft accounts, and you want to keep your things, such as personal and work separate. The only caveat about profiles is that when you add a new one, it uses a default name, and if you want a more personal experience, it’s possible to change from the settings page.

    In this video, you’ll learn the steps to change the name of the profile you’re using with Microsoft Edge on Windows 10.

    To change the name of the profile you’re using on the Chromium version of Edge, use these steps:

    01. Open Microsoft Edge.

    02. Click the Settings and More (three-dotted) button on the top-right corner.

    03. Select the Settings option.

    04. Click on Profiles.

    05. Click the Settings (three-dotted) button.

    06. Click the Edit button.

    07. Change the profile name.

    08. Click the Update button.

    Once you complete the steps, the new name of the profile will be reflected across the browser experience.

    More Microsoft Edge Tips: http://bit.ly/38pWU01

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