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How to Download Offline Copies of Windows 10 apps From the Microsoft Store

Download offline copies (Setup)of Windows 10 applications from the Microsoft Store, It’s very easy to install Windows applications from the Microsoft Store. WE just need to go to the application’s page, click the 'Get the app' button and wait.

But what if we want to download a copy of the application setup file for installing later, or on multiple systems! Well, there is a way to do this.

01. AdGuard has created a new website online tool that lets us download applications setups directly from the Microsoft Store. Just copy the URL of the application on the windows store. we want and paste it into the box on the AdGuard website.

02. The online tool will list all of the available downloads for that application & we can click the one we want to save a copy (Correct Setup File).

03. WE’ll see the file name when it is set to expire, the SHA-1 hashes, & size(MB), which helps to download the right Setup file. We'll need to download the AppxBundle (application) and EAppxBundle (updater) files.

04. Install an application, just Double-click & run the download and it will install as normal.

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