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How to Find WIFI Password of all Network Using CMD

We've connected our PC to a wifi network a short time ago (maybe an extended time ago) and now you'd wish to attach another device, kind of a laptop, tablet or a smartphone to the same wireless network. But: You forgot the password.

This also happened to me once and it probably happens to people also.

Fortunately, there's a simple and quick thanks to search your password and this tutorial will show you ways to try to to this on a Microsoft Windows PC.

Note: you'll got to replace MyNetworkName with the name of your wireless network.

The password will appear at Key Content.

Find Wi-Fi Password of your Current Network with Windows prompt

How to find your wifi password in Windows.

1. Open Network and Sharing Center.

Two ways to open Network and Sharing Center:

In Windows 7 and eight , you right-click on the wireless network icon within the system tray and choose Open Network and Sharing Center

In Windows 10, you right-click on the wireless network icon within the system tray, choose Open Network & Internet settings, then you scroll down and click on on Network and Sharing Center

Open Network and Sharing Center in Windows

2. Click on the name of the present Wi-Fi connection.

Open Wi-Fi Connection Properties

3. Click on Wireless Properties.

4. Open the Security tab.

5. Under the Network security key, you check the Show characters option.

Show Network Security Key in Windows. Windows will now show you the password.

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