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Check & Repair Bad Sectors All-in-one (Data Recovery Partition Manager Disk Utilities)

Check and Repair Bad Sectors All-in-one (Data Recovery Partition Manager Disk Utilities)

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Confirm and Repair Bad Sectors

Check and Repair Bad Sectors

Terrible parts on hard drive or other stockpiling gadgets are not open or writeable because of harm on the circle. On the off chance that you think there are terrible segments on your plate, you can utilize DiskGenius to check or fix awful areas.

Check terrible areas

Stage 1 Right-click on the plate you need to check or fix awful divisions and pick "Confirm Or Repair Bad Sectors" choice structure setting menu.

Stage 2 Click "Start Verify" catch and DiskGenius begins filter the circle and check if there is any awful segment.

You can set chamber run and break an incentive before checking awful areas. In the event that you are inexperienced with these settings, at that point follow default settings.

Plate conditions are introduced by obstructs in various hues, for instance, red square with "Harmed" signifies terrible segments, and "Extreme" squares are probably going to go to awful segments.

Stage 3 Click OK button when checking wraps up.

Fix awful segments


Checking awful segment is perused just, however fixing terrible division crushes information saved money on or close to awful parts. Please reinforcement or recuperate information before attempting to fixing terrible divisions.

Not every awful division can be fixed by programming, for example, physical terrible areas are not repairable.

Regarding information security, it isn't encouraged to utilize a circle that contains awful segments considerably after awful parts get fixed. Try not to spare significant information on that circle.

Stage 1 Click "Fix" button when DiskGenius completes terrible area examining.

Stage 2 Click "alright" button in the event that you've upheld up all information on the circle.

Stage 3 Click "alright" button if there is no compelling reason to recoup information from the plate. At that point DiskGenius starts to fixing terrible divisions.

Stage 4 Click "alright" when terrible parts get fixed.

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