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    How to Display Battery Percentage in the Taskbar on Windows 10

    You probably notice on your laptop or tablet that Windows 10 shows a battery icon in the Taskbar. This visual element quickly lets you know when your device is running on AC power and how much battery life is left.

    However, you still need to click the icon to see the percentage of remaining battery life, which is fine, but you could get a much improve visualization using BatterBar.

    BatteryBar is a tiny third-party battery meter application that accurately calculates the battery life of your device, and it displays the exact percentage remaining with a much better icon in the Taskbar. You can even click the icon, to see the time remaining running on battery.

    When you hover over the icon, the app can also show additional information, such as battery capacity, time remaining until fully charged, battery wear, and much more.

    In this video, you’ll learn the steps to display battery percentage in the Taskbar on Windows 10. Use these steps:

    01. Download the BatteryBar from the official site. There is a paid version, but the free version is all you need.

    02. Double-click the file and to through your typical app installation.

    Once you completed the steps, you’ll notice a new bigger battery icon in the Taskbar, which should be green, but it’ll change colors as battery life gets shorter.

    BatteryBar doesn’t offer any options to customize the icon, but it’s default appearance and functionality are better than Windows 10’s default battery icon, and it blends perfectly in the Taskbar.

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