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    How to Change Default Location to Install Apps on Windows 10

    Windows 10, apps you download from the Microsoft Store install on the main system drive automatically. Although this is perfectly normal, when you have a device with limited storage, installing apps and games can quickly fill up the drive.

    The issue isn’t the number of apps, but rather their size, as apps and games can consume many gigabytes of space. 

    If you have a device with limited storage, or you want to use external storage for apps and games, Windows 10 allows you to choose an alternate location during download.

    In this guide, you’ll learn the steps to change the default location to install apps on Windows 10.

    Use these steps to change the default storage location to install new apps from the Microsoft Store.

    01. Open Settings. 

    02. Click on System.

    03. Click on Storage.

    04. Under the “More storage settings” section, click the Change where new content is saved option.

    05. Use the New apps will save to drop-down menus to select the new default location for apps.

    It’s worth pointing out that this configuration will only affect new app installs, apps that are already installed on your computer won’t be moved to the new location.

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