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    How to Find Out the Public IP Address of Your Network Using PowerShell on Windows 10

    As part of the internet setup process, the Internet Service Provider (ISP) also provides you with a public IP (Internet Protocol) address, which is assigned to the router (modem) to identify your network and connect online.

    Although usually, you don’t need to worry about this information, sometimes it’s important to know your current public IP address to troubleshoot connectivity problems or access remote services, such as SFTP, VPN, or private website without a domain name.  

    In this video, you’ll learn the steps to find out the public IP address of your network using PowerShell on Windows 10.

    To find out the public IP address using PowerShell, use these steps:

    01. Right-click the Windows icon. 

    02. Select Windows PowerShell.

    03. Type the following command to find your public IP address and press Enter:

    (Invoke-WebRequest ifconfig.me/ip).Content.Trim()

    Once you complete the steps, you’ll have an understanding of the external address that your ISP has assigned to your internet connection.

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