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    How to Disable Content Visibility in Microsoft Edge Chromium

    Microsoft Edge (Chromium) browser continues to carry the same name but is equipped with a host of new features and tools for developers.

    The new browser has been built in an entirely different way and therefore, offers some exciting tweaks that intend to make the experience somewhat better. For example, you might have noticed when you launch Edge you see Bing daily wallpaper images.

       In addition to this, when you scroll down, you get all the latest news from around the world. While it’s good to keep yourself updated with the latest news and happenings, all may not like this feature and deem it unnecessary. So, here’s a way to stop this.

    Use these steps to Disable.

    01. Open Microsoft Edge Chromium.

    02. On the New tab page of the browser, click the ‘Settings’ option – visible as a cogwheel icon. 

    03 Click the side arrow marked against ‘Custom’ and scroll down to the ‘Content’ section. 

    04. Press the down-arrow to make different options visible.

    05. Select ‘Content Off’ to change the content visibility of the browser.

    Once done, you will notice that when you scroll down, the content is no more visible on the existing page of the browser.

     Similarly, if you would like to make the content visible again, follow the same procedure as described above but this time, choose ‘Content visible on scroll’ rather than ‘Content Off’ under Content Settings

    More Microsoft Edge Tips: http://bit.ly/38pWU01

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