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    How to Show Icon Only for Bookmark in Microsoft Edge Chromium

    Another new feature is available in the brand new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser.you can turn on icon-only mode for a bookmark on the favorites bar.

    This feature must be already familiar to users of the classic Microsoft Edge app. In the Edge Chromium roadmap, Microsoft had mentioned their intention to implement the same functionality in the new app.

     Finally, it is available in the context menu of a bookmark in the favorites bar. By enabling the Show Icon Only option for bookmarks in the address bar, you can make it more compact and slim. This can be useful on devices with small display sizes.

      In this video, you’ll learn the steps to Show Icon Only for Bookmark in Microsoft Edge Chromium.

    01. Open Microsoft Edge Chromium. 

    02. Enable the favorites bar if needed.

    03. Right-click on a bookmark you want to show as icon-only. 

    04. Select Show icon only from the context menu.

    Repeat the step above for all bookmarks you want to show as icons.

    More Microsoft Edge Tips: http://bit.ly/38pWU01

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