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    How to Enable IE Mode in Chromium Version of Microsoft Edge

    The IE Mode feature made its first appearance in Edge latest build. It was opening a new tab that was simply redirecting its URL to the Internet Explorer browser. Starting in the latest Dev build, the ability to open web sites in Internet Explorer mode was finally working properly in a new tab inside the Edge browser.

    The proper IE Mode could be activated by setting the 'Enable IE Integration' flag to IE Mode. _When enabled, it allows opening a web site in a new tab that will use Internet Explorer as the rendering engine. The flag enables a new menu entry, Only a few weeks later, the “Show this page using Internet Explorer” option has disappeared, even if you still have the flag enabled.

     Finally, the team behind the browser has listened to users and has added a new command-line option that allows activating IE Mode and the appropriate option in the menu. _This means you can create a shortcut to launch Microsoft Edge Chromium with IE Mode enabled.
     In this video, you’ll learn the steps to Enable Internet Explorer Mode in Chromium Edge.

    Use these steps to Enable.

    01. Open Microsoft Edge Canary or Dav. 

    02. Type the following path into the address bar of Edge.


    03.  Enable the flag to Enable IE Integration by selecting IE Mode from the drop-down list next to the flag's name. 

    04.  Restart the Edge.

    05. Right-click on Edge icon on the desktop and Modify the Target text box value by adding the following command option after msedge.exe.


    Now, launch Edge Chromium using the modified shortcut. You'll find the menu and More tools  Open sites in Internet Explorer mode option

    Note that now the browser shows an info bar with the following text for the IE Mode tab. Once you complete the steps, you can use the old internet explorer

    More Microsoft Edge Tips: http://bit.ly/38pWU01

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