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    How to Enable Dark Mode for All Sites in Chromium Version of Microsoft Edge

    As you may already know, Microsoft is now using Chromium and its Blink engine as the core technology for their Edge browser. With this change, Edge has got a new option to force enable dark mode on any web page.

    In this video, you’ll learn the steps to Enable Dark Mode for All Sites in Chromium Version of Microsoft Edge.

    Use these steps to Enable Dark Mode

    01. Open Microsoft Edge.

    02. Type the following in the address bar and hit the Enter key:


    03. Select the option Enable from the drop-down list next to the 'Force Dark Mode for Web Contents' line.

    04. Restart the browser once prompted

      You are done. Edge will render all web sites using the dark style. Here is how Wikipedia looks in Dark Mode:  

    The flag supports a number of other options You can play with them and see what works best for you.

    Simple HSL-based inversion

    Simple CIELAB-based inversion

    Selective image inversion

    Selective inversion of non-image elements

    Selective inversion of everything

    Keep in mind that overriding the default CSS of a web page may make it unreadable. The forced dark mode is an experimental feature, it has issues, and may not reach the production branch at all.

    More Microsoft Edge Tips: http://bit.ly/38pWU01

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