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    How to Download,installFree Download Manager is a download manager for Windows and macOS.

    Free Download Manager is a download manager for Windows and macOS.

    FDM was initially proprietary software, but with the release of version 2.5 it has been free and open-source software. Starting with version 3.0.852 (15 April 2010), the source code was made available in the project's Subversion repository instead of being included with the binary package. This continued until versions 3.9.7. The source code for version 5.0 and newer is not available and the GNU General Public License agreement has been removed from the app.

    Free Download Manager received a 2007 Webuser Gold Award.

    Website     : freedownloadmanager.org


    The GUI presents several tabs that organise types of downloads and allow access to different features in the program.
    Download information view that shows each download's progress bar, file preview, community opinions if any are written for that download and a log showing connection status
    Drop box for file drag-and-drop
    HTTP and FTP download support
    RTSP/MMS download support 
    Batch downloading support for downloading a set of files
    Splits large file into parts (specified in the settings of the software) and downloads simultaneously
    BitTorrent support (based on Libtorrent)
    Magnet URI scheme support
    Flash video download from sites like YouTube and Google Video
    Resuming broken downloads, if permitted by server
    Download throttling via three fully customizable traffic modes: light, medium, and heavy
    Import list of URLs from clipboard
    Integrates with the browser being used to track URL or Copy functions if downloadable content is found
    Remote control via Internet


    Downloads – This is the focal point of the program, which is simply a download manager. Users can also create groups with folders to which files with specific extensions will be downloaded.
    Flash video downloads – This feature helps users to download FLV video files from YouTube, Google Video and many other site.
    Torrents – Allows to download torrent files
    Scheduler – Users can create and manage lists of tasks to be executed at a preset time. Tasks include launching external programs, starting and stopping downloads, and shutting down the computer in all possible ways.
    Site Explorer – This feature is an FTP client.
    Site Manager – This feature allows users to tell FDM how to act with specific sites, such as websites that require authentication, or how many download connections a website can accept simultaneously from the user.
    HTML Spider – This feature can download a website by following and downloading links recursively.

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