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    Dark Theme for chrome (Dark Theme extension)

    Release the power of Darkness. Turn off the Web lights with the Dark Theme extension

    Cover Chrome into a stylish dark theme that protects your eyes from bright colors. Social networks, mainstream sites, and all other New Tabs will be all together applied into black colors. No more needs to open settings one by one for Twitter or Facebook to set dark mode - just one app brings black theme across the whole net.  

    Dark Mode for Chrome is an automatic way to change websites' theme to dark with the opportunity to switch it back at any time just clicking to the extension menu. Dark skins for Facebook, Google, YouTube, Gmail, Twitter and more became a reality with just one app. 

    Install Dark Mode for Chrome now and be provided with a great looking design, stylish dark theme, and reduced eye strain.

    Do you want to have a stylish dark web design and your eyes ask for a break from bright colors? Dark Mode for Chrome covers all web pages to a black color. Dark Mode for Chrome is an automatic way to make Chrome black.

    Dark mode for all popular sites in one place. Dark Youtube, Dark Facebook, Dark Twitter, all these and much more in your browser. Simply install an extension to enable black mode for Chrome.

    Dark Mode for Chrome applies New Tab in black color. Bring dark mode for all New Tabs. You can easily enable and disable black mode at any time by clicking the extension icon.

    Enjoy black colors in popular sites and protect your eyes by changing to black mode.

    Dark Chrome Theme is available now for free.

    Add Extension: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/dark-mode-for-chrome/geooakdjiamlhpechokegobmhdmlgidk?utm_source=chrome-ntp-icon

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