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    How to Add Chrome Extensions For Opera Browser

    This video about how to  Add Chrome Extensions For Opera Browser Easily. If you love Opera but have wished there were more extensions, you'll be happy to hear that you can now use Chrome extensions in Opera. When Opera started using the same engine that powers Google Chrome a few versions back (I'm using version 33), it became possible for Chrome extensions to run on Opera. It's easy to install Chrome extensions on Opera, here's how:

    Head on over to the Opera add-ons page and install this add-on by clicking "Add to Opera":
    Download Chrome Extension.

    Next, visit the Chrome Web Store to find any extensions you want to use. When you find one you want to install, click on the "Add to Opera" button.

    What happens next depends on which extension you're installing.

    On some extensions, you'll get a message something along the lines of "The extension has been installed. To use this extension, click on this icon".
    On other extensions, a window opens underneath the address bar that says something like: "This extension was disabled because it is from an unknown source. Go the extensions manager to enable it".

    If this happens, click on "Go". You'll be taken to the extension manager page. The new extension will be highlighted, click on "Install" and the extension will be added to Opera (you can also access the extension manager page by clicking the Opera icon in the upper left corner of the browser, click on "Extensions" and then on "Extensions Manager").

    That's it! A few easy steps and you're ready to go using your favorite Chrome extensions in Opera.

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