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    How To Destroy Your Windows spying 3 Best Apps (Stop Spying Your PC)

    This video how to stop your pc spying. these apps are disabled your windows spy ways. use one of these apps and stop your windows spy someone. 

    Destroy Windows 10 Spying (DWS)

    This apps extra Feature

    open and edit the host's file 
    Restore your system
    Delete all windows 10 metro apps
    Delete one drive
    Enable UAC and Disable
    Disable Windows Update and Enable
    Remove all old firewall rules Fix screen rotate

    This is a fairly basic program that allows users to enable a wide range of privacy settings in one simple interface, rather than having to dig around through Windows 10’s settings.

    DoNotSpy 10

    We have covered DoNotSpy10 before here on BGR, and it’s one of the most comprehensive options out there for taking control of your privacy in Windows 10. There’s a caveat, though: It’s freeware, but it installs Open Candy software on your PC, which will display ads automatically in other apps.

    Windows 10 Privacy Fixer

     This app offers one tidy screen that lets you import your current privacy settings and then disable whichever features you want.

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