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    How to Add Brightness Slider in Windows Desktop

    This video about how to add brightness Slider in all Windows. This app will show you Add increase, radius brightness slider.


    A volume like Slider to Change Monitor Brightness

    Option to Run At Startup

    If you get an error "Not Supported"

    paste this Windows PowerShell

    $monitor = Get-WmiObject -ns root/wmi -class wmiMonitorBrightNessMethods$monitor.WmiSetBrightness(80,10)

    if the code above gives an error. then, there is nothing I can do. because WmiSetBrightness is provided by Microsoft. please don't open issue about this.

    try install/update your graphic driver


    the slider will show at the nearest place to your taskbar

    download: http://tenteaea.com/CGd

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